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Ready to talk about your project? Speak to us!
Ready to talk about your project? Speak to us!

Cornwall-based software and web development.
We love PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, and AngularJS.

We're a small team of PHP, JavaScript and Ruby developers and designers who are passionate about the web. We love that when we go to work in the morning, no matter what project we're working on we have the opportunity to change the world a little for the better. We push for accessible, beautiful web applications and like to treat the internet like we treat code; always strive to leave it a little better than the way you found it.

When we're not immersed in the virtual, we love good music, good coffee, and good trails. We try to balance out screen time with plenty of Cornwall's fresh air and open spaces. The MyMediaLab team regularly take part in challenges like the Pivot TwentyFour12 enduro at Newnham Park, Plymouth.

Who we are

The man himself... Mr. Barry Rhodes!

Barry Rhodes

Having loved computers since his old Amiga, Barry fell into web-programming when a key developer left a gap in a previous job. Finding an innate aptitude for the work, Barry has been seeking out new skills and new ways of working ever since. He seems to have unlimited enthusiasm for anything web related and is never happier than when sat in front of a keyboard turning plans into reality.

When we can tear him away from his MacBook he's an eager, if clumsy, surfer and finds immense enjoyment in dragging his son through the woods and mud on a bicycle built for two.

Ladies and Gentlemen... Mr. Ashley Hayward!

Ashley Hayward

Ashley handles our customer relations and will usually be your first contact point with MyMediaLab. Previously working as a graphic designer he has now given up pushing pixels and getting paid to muck about in Photoshop, in favor of helping our clients realise their dreams. If you've a project you need to get off the ground, Ashley’s the one to help you bring it to life.

Never content with second best, Ashley's the fastest mountain biker in the office. Though he's thoughtful enough to wait for us at the top of the climbs.

It's Pete

Peter Mellett

Looking for a healthier lifestyle and a change of pace from city life, Pete moved to Cornwall in early 2011. Now a family man, he enjoys escaping to explore the countryside and race cyclocross.

Contributing to open source software and attending conferences on a regular basis keeps his skills sharp. An aspiring polyglot, Pete has used many popular programming languages and is always happy to take on a challenge.

Most recently, he's been working on a large scale AngularJS application with cutting-edge HTML5 features.

Why not and we’ll get right back to you!

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